It’s Not Too Late for Summer: Boost Your Attraction's Visitor Numbers and Revenue

Neil Lewin
April 26, 2024


This year has kicked off with its fair share of challenges—from a lingering cost of living crisis to less-than-ideal weather conditions, many attractions are finding themselves in a scramble to catch up as the peak summer season approaches. 

We’re on a mission to help every attraction grow online, so with this in mind, here are our top tips to help grow your visitor numbers and revenue.  

  • Showcase the value and quality of your attraction
  • Create compelling packages and upsells
  • Make guests feel like they’re getting a bargain
  • Deliver a fantastic online user journey to delight your guests and help them book

Plus, if you're short on time, scroll down to see our quick wins and key actions you should take TODAY to help make positive steps forward with your website.

Showcase the value and quality of your attraction

Effectively highlighting your attraction's uniqueness is key to standing out. Here’s how you can capture the essence of your offering online.  Hopefully your website CMS will cater for a diverse mix of templates, and allow you to add interactive maps, features and more (if not then be sure to check out LOOP as a new optimised solution!):

  • Highlight Unique Features
    Spotlight what makes your attraction special through vibrant image galleries and dynamic content.  This may be a mix of attraction features, any special events, news or deals.  Using video is great for this, particularly large above-the-fold videos, and ideally you’d create custom landing pages for your top visitor demographics so that the messaging is more relevant.
  • Customer Testimonials & Awards
    Boost credibility by featuring real visitor reviews, awards and testimonials prominently.  Often these should be next on your homepage, below any initial hero videos and shortcut links.  Consumers place a great deal of trust on real reviews so try to pull these from well-known external review sites and show the raw/source of each one.
  • Engaging Copy and Imagery
    Craft compelling stories for your attractions that entice visitors and use this run up to the Summer to capture new photography and videos on site.  Often using sneak peeks, virtual tours or behind-the-scenes videos can help showcase the quality and generate interest from potential visitors.

Your website should be a versatile, agile tool to adapt your messaging and easily try new ideas to help bring your attraction to life.  It can feel overwhelming, but start by focusing on your top 3 - 5 pages and aim to incrementally test and optimise these first.

Create compelling packages and upsells

As the competitive landscape evolves, attractions must find innovative ways to increase per-customer revenue. One effective strategy is through thoughtful packaging and upselling.

  • Create Attractive Bundles
    Combine tickets with exclusive experiences or merchandise. For example, offering a bundled ticket that includes a behind-the-scenes tour or a meal package can significantly enhance the perceived value.
  • Tiered Pricing
    Introduce tiered pricing structures to encourage guests to opt for enhanced experiences. This could include premium access areas, skip-the-line passes, or special event tickets.
  • Seasonal Specials
    Utilise seasonal themes to create time-limited offers. For instance, summer splash passes or winter wonderland tours can attract more visitors during specific times of the year.

By implementing these strategies, attractions can not only boost their average revenue per visit but also enhance the overall guest experience, making each visit more memorable and worth the investment.

Making Guests Feel Like They're Getting a Bargain

In a market where every pound counts, making guests feel like they are getting a great deal can significantly impact purchasing decisions.

  • Limited-Time Discounts
    Offer early bird discounts or flash sales to create a sense of urgency. For instance, a 20% discount for tickets purchased a month in advance can accelerate early bookings.
  • Group Offers
    Provide attractive rates for families or larger groups, which encourages bulk purchases and increases the likelihood of larger parties visiting.
  • Exclusive Member Perks
    Build a loyalty program or returning visit offer that rewards returning guests with special rates, exclusive previews, or unique benefits.

These tactics not only drive sales but also build a positive brand perception by aligning the value proposition with customer savings, encouraging both first-time visits and repeat business.

4. Enhancing the Online User Journey

The efficiency and ease of the online booking process are pivotal in converting interest into confirmed visits. An optimised user journey can significantly reduce drop-offs and increase conversions.

  • Streamlined Booking Process
    Ensure that the booking process is straightforward, requiring minimal steps to complete a purchase. Simplify form fields and provide clear, step-by-step guidance.
  • Mobile Optimisation
    Given the increasing reliance on smartphones for online activities, ensure that your website is responsive and offers a seamless booking experience on mobile devices.
  • Personalised Recommendations
    Leverage user data to offer personalised upsells and cross-sells based on browsing and purchase history. For example, suggesting a parking pass purchase during checkout can be a convenient add-on for visitors.

By focusing on these aspects of the user journey, attractions can significantly enhance the likelihood of online bookings. Ensuring that your website supports a smooth and responsive experience is key to capturing and retaining customer interest in today's digital-first world.

Quick wins

If time is not on your side and you're looking for the single most effective action to take right now, apply the LIFT model to evaluate and enhance your homepage and tickets page. This model focuses on optimizing six primary factors: Value Proposition, Relevance, Clarity, Anxiety, Distraction, and Urgency, to lift your site’s performance instantly. 

Download our free LOOP Website Optimisation Canvas to get started or get in touch to book a free discovery and advice session with one of the team.

Need a wider refresh?  There’s still time with LOOP… 

One of the great benefits of our LOOP Attractions Platform is that it can be rolled out within weeks rather than months.  

The process is fast, simple and manageable alongside a busy marketing role: 

  • Design assets and preferences are used to create a no-obligation demo (week 1) 
  • Design refinements and content population (week 2/3)
  • Refinement, SEO checks, analytics and testing (week 3/4)
  • Go-live (week 3/4)

It almost sounds too simple!  But that’s exactly what we’ve done for a wide variety of attractions in recent months, including zoos, theme parks, immersive attractions and more.

Need more help to level up for the Summer?
Above all, if your current site is slow, outdated and clunky to use, it's not too late for Summer - just get in touch.  We’ll be happy to show you alternatives and get you setup for a successful season.


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