LOOP Add-ons & integrations

Out-of-the-box, LOOP includes all the features, modules and layouts that you need to have an optimised website for your attraction.

We've designed LOOP in a modular way, so that features can be activated according to your needs.  Add-ons are larger features that typically need more setup, design or integration work.

At Semantic, we have built many integrations with ticketing systems, CRM tools, payment platforms, App providers and more over the years.

Because of this, we're able to make sure LOOP websites play nicely with your existing tools and systems.

Add-ons & integrations

With a mix of core features, add-ons and retainers, we'll create a LOOP subscription to suit your needs and priorities, now and in the future.

eCommerce, payments & Ticketing setup + support
We offer a variety of ticketing and eCommerce options which can enhance your LOOP website.  We don't offer ticketing out-of-the-box, as many attractions already have a ticketing provider they use - instead we link across to your ticketing provider and work to optimise the frontend journey from the website.
If budget allows, we can provide a separate bespoke integration. Ticketing systems we've integrated with in the past include Accesso, Access Gamma, Fusemetrix, Green4 and more. We've also worked with a wide variety of payment systems, including Stripe, Opayo and Global Payments. There are options to build custom booking flows to drive upsells and enhance your frontend booking functionality, with the exact approach depending on the ticketing and payment providers.
Get in touch and we'll be able to talk you through we can work to streamline your booking flow and drive sales. This is typically billed as a setup + monthly support amount to keep everything up-to-date.
LOOP Insights setup + support
LOOP setups include basic GA4 and Tag Manager tracking implementation, but you can unlock more insights with our LOOP Insights pack -
- Custom Analytics dashboards
- Regular commentary and analysis, built into the reporting/dashboards
- Embedded reporting and insights straight in the LOOP CMS
- Heatmap functionality
- Split testing functionality
- Ongoing split testing setup, monitoring and strategic support
- Regular user testing research and analysis of your site
- Benchmark reporting
Depending on your tracking complexity, there's typically setup + monthly fees to account for the initial dashboard creation and ongoing strategy, support and ongoing optimisation.
Memberships & personalisation - coming soon
We are developing member login functionality for your visitors so that they can login to the site and see custom targeted content. This could tie in with your email campaigns, social marketing and wider attraction offering to improve engagement and results amongst key visitor demographics.
And more...
We are constantly developing enhanced new functionality for LOOP... further add-on modules we are looking at include Adoptions, Donations & Memberships, enhanced CRM integration and full end-to-end ticketing integration with some ticketing providers.

Great work for great clients

Our motivation is derived from delivering both awesome consumer friendly design and meeting your business’s digital performance objectives. Witnessing our clients business growth, and the increasing importance of its digital presence.

By building a platform where the building blocks are already in place, we get to spend more time “squeezing the juice” and making a difference.

Read more about Semantic on our main website or feel free to get in touch - we’re always happy to help.