Simple pricing to
suit your needs

All LOOP plans have a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. Plans are based on the size and complexity of your website requirements and can be paid monthly or yearly.  Discounts are available for pre-payments or longer contracts.


Get started with a new site or level up your online capabilities, perfect for small attractions, charities or start-ups.

Starter packages from £695/month

A great starting point...
LOOP Core features
(inc. dynamic CMS, help centre, FAQs, news, events, shows and more)
Brand customisation
Setup/training online
Ongoing security, patches and core LOOP enhancements
Basic Cloud hosting
Support desk and email support
Content migration
Optional SEO review (quoted)
Optional Strategic support (quoted)
Ongoing SEO strategy/reporting
Custom tracking / dashboards

Perfect for attractions with more complex requirements and would benefit from more hands-on support.

Regular packages from £995/month

As Basic, plus...
LOOP Enhanced features
(including interactive map, itineraries, day planner) 
Multi-language (coming soon)
Basic content migration
Enhanced Cloud hosting
SEO review on launch
Quarterly SEO planning & reporting
Support desk + monthly retainer calls
New site theme updates and core features added at no extra cost
Custom tracking / tag setup (quoted)
Optional full content review (quoted)
Ongoing site conversion optimisation strategy, split testing and planning
Personalisation (can be bolted on)
Multiple brand themes / designs

Perfect for medium/large attractions with multiple brands/areas or more complex visitor journeys.

Pro packages from £1,995/month

As Standard, plus...
LOOP Pro features
(including multiple brands, themes and itinerary builders)
Multiple brand themes / designs
Heatmap, survey and data implementation to unlock key insights
Ongoing conversion rate optimisation testing and review process
Multi-location capabilities
(cost includes the first location, more are added at a reduced rate)
Full content review and updates
Full ongoing SEO monitoring and strategic planning
Enhanced Cloud hosting
Custom reporting and dashboards
Custom tracking / tag setup
Ongoing strategic recommendations review calls and planning
Priority on our development roadmap
Support desk, calls and Slack/Teams channel support via messaging.
Discover your perfect LOOP package

We know every attraction is different, so we've made LOOP modular and extendable. Get in touch and we'll let you know the best package for your attraction.

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Prices exclude VAT, assets and font licensing.  Hosting overages are billed separately if the level of traffic, storage or bandwidth exceeds estimated levels (we'll flag if this is likely to be the case in advance!). Font licensing costs depend on your branding, but we recommend trying to keep to free Google Webfonts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included

LOOP Core includes all you need to get a great optimised attraction website - see a summary of the features at-a-glance and details of what's included in each package above. Further add-on packs or enhanced retainers are also available, which typically suit more complex medium-large attractions.

How quickly can I migrate to LOOP?

We've tested and optimised LOOP components to make rollouts as quick and hassle-free as possible. You can see the process on the How It Works page, or we're happy to talk you through it.

LOOP sites can be launched in weeks not months so a typical site would be ready in under 4 weeks.

Will my attraction retain it's unique brand identity?

Yes, we achieve this by overlaying your unique branding, colours, fonts and styling on top of a comprehensive set of layout options and best practice modules. This means that you get the best of both worlds - a powerful optimised website, dynamic layouts/content and designs to tie in with your own brand look and feel.

How flexible are the LOOP templates?

Layout flexibility is a key feature of LOOP so that attractions can create unique sites and pages to stand out online. Various layout options exist for sites and pages, and the CMS drag-and-drop editor makes it simple to create or edit page layouts as needed.

Is there a CMS built into LOOP?

LOOP is built on a powerful CMS to provide great flexibility, custom layouts, flagship content elements and all of the admin functionality that you need to get your whole team engaged (if you want to!).

Does LOOP include website hosting?

Absolutely, we deploy to scalable cloud hosting solutions so that your site can scale to keep pace with your marketing needs. Included hosting is based on estimated traffic levels so hosting plans can grow with you.

Is LOOP a pure subscription model or are there any upfront costs associated with the platform?

Some packages include free setup and migration, but there is typically a small setup cost, ranging from £995 - £4,995 depending on the package and your requirements. If you need more help to get up and running then we are happy to discuss budgets for additional SEO, custom tracking/reporting or other help as needed.

Does LOOP allow us to add bespoke or unique elements for our own specific needs?

LOOP is an extendable platform and in most cases would allow you to add new elements as part of our roadmap. We will advise on what is possible and how to go about it. Depending on the nature of the requirement, there may be a possibility to add as a new LOOP module.

Does LOOP offer ticketing capabilities out of the box?

We don't currently offer built-in ticketing capabilities, but can recommend suppliers to suite your needs. Most attractions already have ticketing solutions, so we focus on providing best-practice ticketing layouts and signposting to provide an optimised web journey.

Does LOOP integrate with my existing ticketing?

Yes can can embed iFrames, code snippets or link out to your ticketing provider. Semantic has also worked with a range of ticketing systems including Access Gamma, Fusemetix, LineUp, Accesso and Vivenu, having built API integrations for many of them in the past. Ticketing setup varies by attraction, so API integrations are considered on a bespoke project basis - we are happy to discuss options here.

Is there a roadmap of new LOOP features?

Yes, we can provide a roadmap of ongoing developments and you can see a snapshot of this on the features page. Some will be provided as new LOOP Core modules part of your subscription, other more complex features will be new add-on modules attracting small monthly subscription fees if used.

How do LOOP contracts / payments work?

This largely depends if it's easier for you to get Capex or monthly budgets approved, as this will affect minimum terms and billing. We can discuss this, but typically, there is an upfront payment for brand design and setup (around 3x your monthly package amount), then the monthly subscription starts from go-live.

Does LOOP contain website analytics?

Setup includes adding your existing Analytics and Tag Manager tracking code, or setting up basic tracking for new attractions. We are working on enhanced reporting capabilities and also offer options to setup custom dashboards are reporting to help pull together all of your key metrics.

Can I add optimisation services to my subscription?

Absolutely, the design goal behind LOOP is to focus on the website performance rather than its development. Semantic offers a range of retainers to cover further optimisation services including SRO, PPC and CRO analysis to make sure you stay right on top of site performance and revenue generation.

How do I determine the price point I require?

The comparison table above shows options at different price points, but in general, the smaller monthly plans are aimed at single-location attractions with up to 100k visitors annually. Small to medium attractions of 100k visitors+ would likely need the mid-level option, and larger attractions would see significant benefits and savings on one on one of our larger plans.

What if I outgrow LOOP?

In terms of hosting capacity, the cloud hosting infrastructure can grow indefinitely to meet your needs as your grow traffic or rollout to more locations. In terms of features and capability, you'll receive ongoing updates as part of our development roadmap, plus we can work with you to add the features you need into LOOP as separate quoted projects if needed.

Can I see a demo of LOOP?

Absolutely, the Semantic team have set up some fantastic examples of LOOP and would be happy to take you through them. Get in touch and we'll be happy to arrange a call to discuss your needs.

Who do I talk to to find out more?

Simply get in touch with us at Semantic and we'll be happy to answer any questions and work out the best approach for your organisation.