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LOOP is a new way for your brand or destination to get a fast easy-to-use website without the upfront time or complexity of a traditional build.

Having an optimised, reliable and always up-to-date website is key for all brands. LOOP websites are designed to deliver fantastic first impressions, engage your guests and help drive bookings, sales and growth for your business.


Customer Testimonials

“Love it!  Your team, as always has been amazing Neil. True partnership.”
Craig Dunkerley
"Wish there was an option for higher than 5 stars! They truly went above & beyond. Thanks again so much - we are in love with our new website - crealy.co.uk."
Daisy Shirley
Digital Marketing Manager
"Semantic were great at pulling together a slick-looking website we desperately needed in a very short amount of time. Loop has made everything even easier to not only update, but to improve the SEO and functionality substantially."
Rachel James
Head of Marketing
"I'd recommend LOOP to other marketing teams that want to make the most out of their marketing budgets and time!"
Neil Dolan
Operations Director
"They have been amazing throughout the process from the initial planning stages all the way through to the launch day. We would highly recommend Semantic (Loop)!"
Connie Chamberlain
Marketing Team
"The team's knowledge combined with a calm methodical approach, enabled us to achieve a ridiculous timeline for launching our new LOOP website"
Dan Farrow
Marketing Executive


LOOP delivers a fast optimised website to help grow traffic and revenue for your attraction, leisure, health, heritage or hospitality brand.

Whether you are a single venue, group of hotels, or a leisure attraction, rolling out a LOOP site is faster, less hassle, and more cost-effective than a full bespoke build. What's more, our new subscription model gives you a flexible scalable site that stays up-to-date.

Our mix of core features, add-ons and retainer services is perfect for new attractions wanting to get online quickly, or for existing attractions that need to grow their online capabilities.

Delight your customers with dynamic theming, immersive blocks and flexible layouts
Fast, mobile first and built to grow with your brand.
Easily update key business info, FAQs, and capture enquiries.
And more...

Over 30+ features for attraction, leisure and hospitality websites with more to come.

LOOP is brought to you by Semantic, a UK-based agency that's helped leading attractions with design, systems and strategy since 1999.

How it works

With LOOP you can get a new website in weeks, not months:

Week 1 - demo templates and structure
Setup & content population
Week 2 - activating the required modules and initial content population
Test & Go-live
Week 3/4 - SEO checks, redirects, analytics, and go live

Can you beat our 10 day launch record that Crealy Theme Park achieved (see Case Study)? Getting started with LOOP is fast, and combines the best ready-made components, with your custom designs and branding.

Prefer to take a bit longer? That's fine, we can work however best suits you. With LOOP you can prototype ideas, layouts and content straight in the CMS, eliminating the guesswork and back-and-forth that can often happen with a custom build.

See how it works here.


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LOOP can be up and running in weeks, rather than months, but we'd love to take you through a demo and answer any questions you have.