Multi-location Attractions

We are experienced in multi-location attractions, whether in one country (like our work with iFLY) or as part of a global roll out (like we have done for The Dungeons or LEGOLAND Discovery Centres).
Add new locations in a matter of hours rather than days, and get them setup without expensive dev fees. Save time and money with LOOP.
No matter how fast you're growing, or how many locations you have, LOOP can power sites around the world on our best practice cloud infrastructure and CMS.
Ensure features rollout to all locations quickly as needed, with costs to scale appropriately according to traffic.

Going global or staying local?

Whatever type of attraction you are, there’s a good chance that you have more than one persona. These may be regional locations for soft play centres, or activity centres set in our forests. It could be a collection of regional attractions or simply a range of different offerings.

Whatever your structure and range of offers, the chances are you will want to reflect this digitally and provide a central administration rather than have to maintain a number of disparate websites.

As a cloud based service, LOOP is perfect for managing multiple brands from a single CMS system. LOOP can even handle multiple brands or variations to suit different local needs (like language support, or right-to-left layouts for Arabic speaking countries).

Take advantage of our best-practice templates and modules to get proven flexible designs but without administrative overhead and cost of separate sites or large bespoke builds.

LOOP Benefits

Shift away from the traditional bespoke website treadmill and switch to an agile always up-to-date platform to power your attraction online.

Fast, reliable and secure
No surprise costs or issues - we've got your back
Save time with a host of attraction-specific features
Get ahead with reporting to help unlock visitor insights
Ongoing development roadmap for new core features or add-on enhancements

See more benefits for your attraction or your visitors.

Global pages & multi-language

Optimised structure for local and international SEO to get your visitors to the right location.

Single CMS & admin

One place to login and manage all your site content, with granular access options for local teams if needed.

Fast rollouts

Shared settings and dev-free rollouts for new locations in your chosen regions.

And more...

Over 30+ features for attraction websites with more to come.

Top features multi-location attractions

Whether you have multiple branded areas just at a single location (like a park, hotel and restaurant) or are looking to expand across the globe, LOOP can help save you time, money and hassle.

Getting started is easy

LOOP can be up and running in weeks, rather than months, leaving you free to build fantastic content and drive website traffic and visitors.