Improving Your Online ROI

“If you can’t measure it, you can't improve it” according to management guru Peter Drucker. In fact, that's been our thinking for 20+ years too - Test, Don't Guess.

LOOP lets B2C attraction and tourism brands have a website where it is possible to measure all aspects of the site's performance and measure that against the digital investment.

Of course, branding and design needs to reflect your unique identity, but the underlying foundations of a great attraction website can be very similar - they don't need to be built from scratch, and there's limited benefit re-inventing the wheel.

Levelling up online

LOOP ensures your website adheres to best practice standards and provides measurement of every facet of the site's performance such as SEO, page speed, and conversion rates. Visitor engagement, conversion rates, membership activation,  revenue generation and customer satisfaction scores are typically the main KPI’s for a visitor attraction.

By providing a subscription model we do not consume the entire budget into the development of the site, but instead deliver services to test and measure the performance of the site. Optimisation is the watch word, as the site becomes a living, breathing entity.

By not investing your entire budget into the development phase, you now have the funds and energy to maximise performance and utilise Semantic’s Rocket Fuel services to ensure that the site continues to drive success.

By building a platform where the building blocks are already in place, we get to spend more time “squeezing the juice” and making a difference.

  • The number of visitor attractions using online booking systems has doubled since the pandemic.
  • LOOP is designed for Visitor Attractions - it has all of the features you need, on a subscription model.
  • LOOP is designed for mobile - at least 75% of website visitors prefer this device and because of facilities such as Apple Pay also tend to make their bookings from their phone.
  • Improve organic web traffic with greater focus on keywords and SEO strategy.

See what LOOP packages are right for you, whether you're a newly launching attraction or an established brand.

Test, don't guess, it's a simple methodology to keep your team focused on data and results, rather than opinions.

  • Use CRO as a systematic way of measuring the success of your “next right step” strategy, whatever your planned outcome, newsletter sign ups, content downloads or booking a visit there are many potential outcomes and the conversion rate to each of these can and should be measured.
  • By understanding your target audience and what matters to them you can start to improve the relevance of your content and calls to action.
  • Some LOOP packages come with a personalised reporting dashboard built in. No more guessing. measure and improve what is important to you.
  • LOOP’s subscription model allows you to keep complete control on your marketing budget. No more large up front investment and hope, now you can monitor, fine tune and improve the site as part of the marketing services built into LOOP.
  • No hiding place, no sunk cost, just transparency and measurement. Performance is everything.