LOOP Retainers

Of course, websites are never 'finished'. It's something that we relish at Semantic - there's always more to update, test and improve.

That's no different for LOOP sites, except that by using our platform, you can take advantage of ongoing enhancements, new modules and core features as part of your subscription, rather than having to keep paying for bespoke feature development.

That means that your attraction website is always fresh, up-to-date and able to take advantage of new improvements. Whether that's new navigation options, improved accessibility or whole new components like reviews engines or itinerary builders.

What's included

LOOP core subscriptions include all the core features you need to run your attraction website, but we typically find clients get more out of their sites with more hands-on time from us. With LOOP, the focus for enhanced retainers is on strategy, growth and optimisation.

Core LOOP subscriptions
There are various levels depending on your size/traffic, but your main subscription includes licensing the platform and ongoing feature improvements.
- Platform license
- Core features (including 30+ layout options, optimised modules, news, events, maps, open times & more)
- Ongoing CMS patches and security updates
- Cloud hosting (appropriate to your traffic level)
- Infrastructure monitoring, backups and logs monitoring
- Ongoing speed and technical optimisations
- Ongoing SEO headline monitoring and stats overview
- Support and advice from the Semantic team

Enhanced Retainer Options

Semantic is a full-stack digital agency, so we can help with all aspects of your website or online marketing. Typically we map out a custom retainer with a mix of activities to suit your priorities - these are flexible and can be tweaked throughout the year.

On site and off site SEO + link building campaigns and content support.
Reduce your cost per acquisition or scale out you campaigns to maximise your potential.
Strategy & CRO
Test, don't guess. That's our mantra, so we encourage clients to test, gather data and make strategic improvements.
Email campaigns
Setting up campaigns, lists segments and template personalisation to engage visitors before, during and after their visit.
Social media marketing
Make use of social networks, reviews and ensure your attraction stands out.

How feature updates work


We design, build and test new core features as part of our LOOP roadmap.
Features are tested across devices with CMS, template and design updates that can roll out to all LOOP clients. If you need a feature outside of our roadmap then we can quote to build this for you too and you can jump the queue!


LOOP clients will be able to see larger new features on our demonstration sites before they are rolled out. We will show you new capabilities in regular update emails, or for larger optional add-on features we can go through setup requirements and testing with you on your own staging site before pushing live.


For smaller features, these would just 'appear' as new options in the CMS, but you'd need to turn them on before they go live so you can be happy with how it works. Larger features will be tested with you on staging, before deploying up to live.

Attractions focused platform + retainer - the best of both worlds.

Delighting our retainer clients has always been a key driver at Semantic, with some clients staying with us for over 20 years!

Layering our expertise on top of a platform that we've built helps us to make sure you get the best out of it. We like to become your digital partners, pushing each other with new ideas, updates and ways to set you apart online.

We'll be happy to cover options and send you a tailor-made retainer package to suit your needs and budget, with LOOP at the core.

Just get in touch and we'll be happy to help.