Wroxham Barns Transforms Their Website with LOOP ready for Summer

Neil Lewin
May 31, 2024

It's been a hectic run-up to Summer getting various LOOP websites ready for the holidays. We're delighted to have helped the team at Wroxham Barns setup an optimised new farm attraction website in time for the Summer Holidays.

The team wanted to migrate across to LOOP, but also needed to rely on our expertise and insights to map out the site structure and advise on the best ways to present an exciting attraction to resonate with various audiences.

This was all sorted within a matter of weeks, and now the team have a slick new mobile-first website that they can be proud of.  It's been launched very much as an initial version 1 with the team planning to add further immersive photography, videos and content throughout the season.  Such is the flexibility of the LOOP CMS, this will be straightforward and the site will be able to adapt to their changing needs.

Thanks to the whole team for a great outcome.


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