Things Users Find Most Frustrating with Attraction Websites and How to Fix Them

September 5, 2023

There are many elements of a website that can annoy users. In this blog post, we'll explore the common pain points users can encounter on attractions websites and offer solutions to make their online experience more enjoyable. You may have already encountered some of them!

Any visitor attraction website should make users want to visit you, not be a source of frustration, so let's dive into the common issues users face and list solutions.

1. Slow Loading Times

Problem: A big one - users often greeted with slow-loading pages will lead to frustration and potential bounce-offs.

Solution: Optimise images, and reduce unnecessary elements to improve website speed. Perform speed tests to quickly reveal speed issues and hopefully uncover some quick wins. You can even explore faster hosting possibilities too.

2. Confusing Navigation

Problem: Cluttered navigation menus can confuse users, making it hard to find essential information.

Solution: Look at how you can simplify the menu structure. Use clear labels and group related items. Implement a search bar for quick access to specific details and keep an eye on what is being searched, because the results can give an indication on what users are struggling to find on your site.

3. Overly Complex Ticket Booking

Problem: Tired and cumbersome ticket booking processes with too many steps, especially on mobile devices, can deter potential visitors.

Solution: Streamline the ticket booking process by looking at how you can minimise the required steps, and offer guest checkouts. Ensure a seamless mobile experience with responsive design.

4. Lack of Mobile Responsiveness

Problem: Google places importance over mobile performance over desktop, and an unoptimised site on mobile devices where elements don’t load properly can lead to a frustrating experience for users.

Solution: Prioritise mobile responsiveness in web design. Test and optimise the website for various screen sizes to ensure it functions well on smartphones and tablets.

5. Inadequate Information

Problem: Users struggling to find information about rides (height, age restrictions for example), events, and amenities, increasing the number of calls and emails to find this information out.

Solution: Provide detailed descriptions, including height and age requirements, accessibility information, and images or videos for each attraction. Maintain an updated FAQ section.

6. Unintuitive Search Functionality

Problem: Some websites have poorly designed search functions, making it difficult for users to find what they're looking for.

Solution: Implement an intuitive search feature with auto-suggestions and filters. Ensure that the search bar is well placed for easy access.

7. Payment Hassles

Problem: Payment processes can be confusing or unreliable, causing frustration during transactions.

Solution: Optimise the payment process for a seamless experience. Offer multiple payment options and clearly display security measures for trust.

8. Limited Accessibility Features

Problem: Users with disabilities may encounter issues when accessing information.

Solution: Prioritise accessibility by providing alt text for images, captions for videos, and options for larger text. Ensure compatibility with screen readers and follow accessibility guidelines.

9. Ignoring User Feedback

Problem: Some websites fail to address user feedback and issues promptly. This can be a big problem on Google Business profiles, an off-site area site owners can often forget about.

Solution: Regularly update the website based on user input to improve the overall experience. Check prominent review websites (and your Google Business profile) and reply to review.

By addressing frustrations like these and implementing solutions, your websites can create an enjoyable and stress free online experience. This will not only attract more visitors but hopefully also enhance their overall satisfaction with your attraction and brand.

If you find yourself struggling with any of these issues, get in touch with us now and we'll be more than happy to help.


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