Smart Tactics to Boost Your Reach for School Holiday Traffic Surge

February 1, 2024

Boosting Your Attraction’s Reach for the School Holidays

As UK school holidays roll around, websites have a unique opportunity to capture a different demographic. With parents looking to find things to do with their kids during these times, this period is ripe for increased web traffic.

Understanding and leveraging this time can give a boost to your website's traffic.

Understanding UK School Holidays

The UK school holidays attract a diverse audience. Knowing when these holidays occur and the demographic most likely to be online is crucial. Tailoring your website's content to suit these periods can be a game-changer.

There are multiple half terms during the year, along with a big summer holiday period, and these dates can be different all over the UK. Have the relevant dates for your area/county on your page, along with any neighbouring counties (if they’re any different) to help strengthen the content in this area.

Understanding Your Audience

Understanding your audience is crucial, especially during holiday periods. For instance, when parents search for "half term things to do with kids," they're looking for relevant, engaging activities for their children. This simple understanding should shape your content strategy in this area.

With parents being the primary audience for such searches, you can tailor your content to meet their needs. This could include providing detailed information about family-friendly activities, offering tips for managing outings with children, or suggesting creative ways to keep kids entertained.

By aligning your content with the interests and needs of this target audience, you increase the relevance and appeal of your offerings, thereby attracting more engagement and potential business.

Content Strategies

So what else should you put on this page? Educational content is indeed a significant draw during school holidays, as parents often seek resources that are both educational and entertaining.

To enhance your offerings, consider adding a variety of interactive and fun educational activities that you may be running, whether they’re especially for half terms or available all year round. For example, you could promote:

  • Themed Educational Workshops
  • Outdoor Educational Trails & talks
  • Interactive Exhibits
  • Art and Craft Activities

Remember, some parents are also looking for ways to keep their kids physically active. Offering activities like adventure playgrounds, sports clinics, or dance workshops can be appealing.

The key is to balance education with fun, providing a mix of activities that cater to different interests and energy levels. Showcasing these diverse offerings will help position your destination as the top choice for parents looking to fulfil both educational and recreational needs for their kids.

Email Marketing

Email newsletters with interesting content or special holiday offers can be an effective way to draw attention.

It’s a direct line to your audience that could be utilised to promote half term activities, or simply to remind your subscribers that you’re the go-to place for an upcoming school break.

SEO Work

Invest time in identifying specific those keywords related to school holidays and family activities to help increase your site’s visibility in this area. Don’t forget your local SEO, as many families look for activities specifically within their area, be it town, city or county. Include these location indicators in your content.

Once you know what users are searching for, search it yourself and look for any competitors who rank well and see how their page is constructed - and do better with your own offering.

Preparing for Post-Holiday Traffic

Don’t lose momentum after the holidays. Plan long-term strategies to retain the new audience you’ve gained, get them to sign up for your newsletter to be told about what you’ll have going on next half term.

Maximising website exposure during UK school holidays requires a multifaceted approach. From content strategy to technical optimisation, every aspect plays a role in attracting and retaining visitors. It’s an opportunity not to be missed.


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