New Crealy Website Launches in Under 10 Days

Neil Lewin
March 28, 2024

What if we told you it was possible to rebuild and launch a whole new attraction website in under 10 work days, and provide a significant boost in quality, polish and optimisation all at the same time… ?

Well, Crealy, a leading attraction theme park resort in Devon has done just that, becoming our latest LOOP client and getting an slick new website in record time.

Lightning fast and high quality

Despite only getting the final project approval at the start of March, we were able to work with their amazing marketing team to create an all-new LOOP website and have it live in plenty of time for the Easter Holidays.  The new site is vibrant, image-led and mobile-first to make sure it’s as engaging as possible for all of their customers whether they’re new to Crealy, or loyal repeat visitors.

LOOP clients are able to take advantage of a whole suite of attraction focused features and modules that we’ve built within our custom LOOP platform…

  • Dynamic open times listings
  • Multi-layer interactive maps
  • What’s inside the attraction filter listings and search
  • Multi-location capabilities and news
  • Form builders and newsletter integration
  • Embedded booking iFrames or links from a variety of booking providers
“Wish there was an option for higher than 5 stars! Highly recommend Semantic to anyone looking to upgrade their website. Massive thank you to Neil, Dan, Nicky & all the team at Semantic for making our website journey seamless (in just under 2 weeks). The guys were always on hand to help with any enquiries which were sorted super efficiently! They truly went above & beyond. Thanks again so much - we are in love with our new website -”
- Daisy, Crealy Marketing Team

Ready and optimised in time for the main season

With the straightforward setup and launch process, Crealy was able to quickly replace their clunky old website, even though time was getting tight in the run up to summer.  Our custom LOOP infrastructure, designs, components and attraction-specific functionality has helped to transform their online processes, saving the marketing team vital time going in to the season.  

The Crealy team smashed it out of the park on content creation and can now focus more of their time on marketing activities to drive visitors, rather than managing an all-consuming traditional attraction website build.

"We have recently collaborated with Semantic and launched a new website and we couldn't be happier, not only with the new site, but with the support we had throughout the process. From the initial meet with Neil and the onboarding with Dan and Nicky, the whole process has been made relaxing and efficient and as a business we are super excited about now having a fully functional website. Dan has made this process an enjoyable one where there was no question too big or too small that Dan wouldn't support with. Working on this project has been a pleasure and as a business we are super excited. Thank you to all the team at Semantic for all your help :)"
- Jodie, Crealy Marketing Team

Could LOOP help your attraction website this season?

We have a final few LOOP slots available for pre-summer website launches. Switch to LOOP and enjoy an optimised website now, and going forward for years to come, all for one simple monthly or yearly fee. Get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss options.

Once again, a massive thanks to everyone at Crealy - fantastic job, we're thrilled with the new site!


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