Battersea Park Children's Zoo: A digital revitalisation

Neil Lewin
November 14, 2023

Nestled within the heart of London's iconic Battersea Park, the Battersea Park Children's Zoo has long been a cherished destination for families seeking an unforgettable day out in London. The zoo, known for its vibrant collection of animals and interactive exhibits, needed a digital transformation to match its real-world magic. That's where LOOP, powered by Semantic, stepped in to create an optimised new website that would resonate with the zoo's diverse audience.

The Challenge

As a popular family attraction, Battersea Park Children's Zoo needed a website that not only showcased its wide variety of animals but also help to bring the zoo to life online. The previous website struggled to keep up with modern user expectations and lacked the flexibility needed to adapt to changing seasons and events. 

The LOOP Solution

Enter LOOP by Semantic, a new website platform tailored specifically for attractions like Battersea Park Children's Zoo. LOOP brought the zoo's vision to life with a modern, mobile-responsive design that ensured visitors could explore the zoo's offerings on any device. A vibrant color palette, engaging visuals, and interactive elements were incorporated to immerse visitors in the world of the zoo, even before stepping through its gates.

One of the key transformative features was the dynamic event management system, allowing the zoo to effortlessly update visitors on seasonal activities, workshops, and animal encounters. This flexibility was crucial for the zoo, especially during unpredictable times when last-minute changes to schedules and events became the norm.


The partnership between Battersea Park Children's Zoo and LOOP resulted in an online experience that matches the zoo's welcoming atmosphere. The website now serves as an extension of the zoo's warm hospitality, offering valuable information to prospective visitors, including ticketing details, open hours, and animal profiles. With LOOP's powerful content management system, the zoo's staff can maintain an up-to-date digital presence, ensuring visitors have the latest information at their fingertips.

Since the launch of the new website, Battersea Park Children's Zoo has had increased visibility of all aspects of their online engagement, with analytics and reporting capabilities enabling them to unlock key insights about their visitors to drive marketing decisions.

The collaboration between LOOP and Battersea Park Children's Zoo exemplifies how innovative technology can enhance the visitor experience, strengthen engagement, and drive growth for attractions in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


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