LOOP for Existing Attractions

If you already have an attraction website then you know the blood, sweat and tears that can go into creating and maintaining them.

The thought of changing your site may fill you with excitement, dread, joy or anything in between. If you've had a site built in the last 2 years or so, it's all working well, and you're happy with your agency, then LOOP probably isn't for you just yet. But, if it's a bit older, coming up for a review, or you have issues with the support/current agency, then our new LOOP approach will be worth considering.

Our mission is to build the ultimate attractions website platform, with all the features you need to delight your guests and grow revenue.

30+ layout blocks, drag and drop editing and settings to customise the layout and designs to bring your brand identity to life.
SECURE & Always Up-to-Date
Built on leading cloud hosting and the secure Umbraco CMS, plus we take care of ongoing updates, patches and security.
Put your budget towards growing visitor numbers rather than big development projects, there's no need to re-invent the wheel with LOOP.

LOOP Benefits

Better, faster, cheaper. That's our driving force behind LOOP.

Faster pagespeed and improved load times to delight your guests.
It never goes out-of-date as we keep your site up-to-date and optimised as part of the subscription.
Save time and hassle with no nasty surprise update costs.
You benefit from our ongoing development roadmap with new core features and add-ons to supercharge your attraction online.
Attractions experts on hand to help with marketing, SEO, PPC, CRO or strategic research as needed.
Built-in reporting, Analytics dashboards and GA4 (depending on package) 
Level-up your capabilities with advanced features including personalisation, member logins, QR codes and more on certain plans.

See more benefits for your attraction or your visitors.

Switching is hassle-free

LOOP can help you get a fast, optimised new website in weeks rather than months because all the core modules are tested, optimised and ready to be customised with your own design and branding...


Plan (1 - 2 weeks)
Review of client business needs
LOOP Platform Demonstration
Demo templates


Setup (2 - 3 weeks)
Modules activation and setup
Optional Text migration and imagery
News items and events
Design refinements and checks
SEO checks


Optimisation and Go-live (2 weeks)
Analytics setup
QA checks and go live

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included

LOOP core includes all you need to get a great optimised attraction website - see a summary of the features at-a-glance.
Further add-on packs or enhanced retainers are also available, which typically suit more complex medium-large attractions.

How quickly can I migrate to LOOP?

We've tested and optimised LOOP components to make rollouts as quick and hassle-free as possible. You can see the process above or we're happy to talk you through it with a customised demo.

Is it easy to get the team onboard?

Yes absolutely, and there's granular access to enable them to access just the sections they need. E.g. you might like the on-the-day Managers to have access if they need to post emergency messages etc. This is all handled with the powerful CMS functionality.

I have many venues/locations, will that work?

Yes, we've built LOOP so that multi-location and multi-language sites will be handled in the CMS. You can either setup a whole website per location, or have a simpler structure with a list of locations and a single page for each.

How flexible are the LOOP templates?

LOOP has been designed with layout flexibility at the forefront of its design objective. Various layout options exist for every page waiting for you to apply your designs and branding.

Is there a CMS built into LOOP?

LOOP is built on Umbraco CMS and provides all of the admin functionality and content management that is built into that platform.

Will I see a drop in my SEO?

LOOP is built with best-practice SEO in mind. We recommend that all content is transferred across to avoid losing any traffic. We are happy to factor in more setup time if you'd like more help managing the content migration, SEO, redirects or Analytics.

What does the launch process look like?

All of the LOOP content can be populated behind-the-scenes on the demo site. Once you're happy, we run through our pre-launch checks, then plan in time to update the domain DNS to push the sites live (normally with zero downtime). We'll need DNS access, or details of someone that does so that they can update the settings.

Does LOOP include website hosting?

Absolutely, we deploy to scalable cloud hosting solutions in the UK and worldwide so that your site can scale to keep pace with your marketing needs. Included hosting is based on estimated traffic levels so hosting plans can grow with you.

Is there a roadmap of new LOOP features?

Yes, we can provide a roadmap of ongoing developments. Some will be enhancements to existing modules and will be provided as part of your subscription, others will be added as new add-on modules attracting a small monthly subscription fee. Clients will be invited to contribute ideas, or can 'jump the dev queue' with bespoke features for their LOOP site if needed.

"Attractions need help to stretch marketing budgets at a time when customers are more tech-savvy than ever. They expect advanced online capabilities easy booking links and a seamless experience across all their devices"

Neil Lewin - Owner of Semantic

Questions, comments?

We'd love to take you through how LOOP works in more detail, and answer any questions about migrating your website content into LOOP. Our main aim is to help deliver more great experiences and days out for your visitors, and our hope is that LOOP gets you there more quickly.

Read more about Semantic on our main website or feel free to get in touch - we’re always happy to help.