LOOP for New Attractions

As a new attraction, you need to be agile, and ensure that your website can keep pace as you build excitement, launch and evolve your messaging.

Launching a new attraction brand is an exciting, but sometimes daunting prospect. There are many moving parts, from messaging, pricing and branding, to all the build and operational challenges.

Semantic has worked with many attractions in their early days to get them launched. It's a fast-paced process so you need a website that can keep up without any hassle...

20% online users...
... abandon a website purchase due to poor user experience (navigation, speed, usability).
75%+ are mobile
The vast majority of your guests' first experience of your attraction online will be on their mobile phone.
4.42% per second
That's the average decrease on your conversion rate, for every second of load time on your site.

Launching your brand online with LOOP

LOOP will help to streamline your launch online at every step of the process. We have components ready for pre-launch landing pages and countdowns to build excitement, right through to the full website and visitor experience.

Fast setup with adaptable themes as your brand evolves.
Easy to switch in pages/layouts/content so the site can evolve as you get new assets, photography and video.
Features available to power single brands/locations or scale up for a wider multi-location brand launch.
SEO reporting and insights to help grow traffic in the run up to your launch and beyond (depending on package)
Ongoing development roadmap for new core features or add-on enhancements

See more benefits for your attraction or your visitors.

Getting online is easy

LOOP can help you get a fast, optimised new website in weeks rather than months because all the core modules are tested, optimised and ready to be customised with your own design and branding...


Plan (1-2 weeks)
Review of your new attractions' business needs
LOOP Platform Demonstration
Demo templates


Setup (2 - 3 weeks)*
Modules activation and setup
Handover to add text and imagery
Adding pre-launch news items and events
Design refinements and checks
SEO checks
* Setup time could be reduced if you just need to launch with a quick landing page for initial marketing.


Optimisation and Go-live (2 weeks)
Analytics setup
QA checks and go live

Frequently Asked Questions

What's included

LOOP core includes all you need to get a great optimised attraction website - see a summary of the features at-a-glance.
Further add-on packs or enhanced retainers are also available, which typically suit more complex medium-large attractions.

How can I set up LOOP?

We've tested and optimised LOOP components to make rollouts as quick and hassle-free as possible. Typical rollouts for new attraction brands are a matter of weeks rather than months, but we're happy to talk you through it.

Can I start with a basic countdown/landing page?

Yes, LOOP has various types of landing pages and modules built in so that it's easy to start with a simple 1-page site. This means you can get online more quickly, build the buzz around the launch and create the full website in the background.

How do I switch the basic landing page across to  the full website?

For new brands, this is a case of populating the other sections of content in the background. This can be done gradually and released section by section, or behind-the-scenes then switched over to the live site all in one go depending on your launch plans.

What will I need to provide as a new brand?

Ideally you'd have some brand guidelines, although often these can be incomplete at this stage.

So as a minimum, we'd need a logo, some idea on colour preferences, and any fonts. Bear in mind that some fonts need separate paid webfont licenses (the easiest way to check this is to google '[font-name] webfont' and see if it's free or paid).

Eventually you'd need the content and imagery to populate the CMS too, but this can be added over time.

What other costs are there?

We mentioned about font licensing in the previous question (it's easiest to just use free Google webfonts).

Also required will be the domain itself. We recommend clients register and own their own domains and DNS so that you keep control. Buying possible domains you'd like is key to do early!

Depending on the domain, this would be a yearly charge, and we recommend buying mispellings, .com / .co.uk or other local international variations to protect your brand.

How do I populate the content?

Once you're happy with the design theming then we can go through CMS training and show you how to get the best from the system. There's demo content from the start so you can see how it all fits together. If you need more help getting the content live or more hands-on help with SEO/tracking then we can add this onto your package as needed.

What's the go-live process like?

Once you're happy that the site can go live (whether a simple landing page, or full site) we run through our pre-launch checks.

The actual launch is a simple case of updating the DNS records. They normally live with your domain name registrar, but we can advise what settings need updating or do this for you if we have access.

How flexible are the LOOP templates?

LOOP has been designed with layout flexibility at the forefront of its design objective. Various layout options exist for every page waiting for you to apply your designs and branding.

Is there a CMS built into LOOP?

LOOP is built on Umbraco CMS and provides all of the admin functionality and content management that is built into that platform.

Does LOOP include website hosting?

Absolutely, we deploy to scalable cloud hosting solutions in the UK and worldwide so that your site can scale to keep pace with your marketing needs. Included hosting is based on estimated traffic levels so hosting plans can grow with you.

Is there a roadmap of new LOOP features?

Yes, we can provide a roadmap of ongoing developments. Some will be enhancements to existing modules and will be provided as part of your subscription, others will be added as new add-on modules attracting a small monthly subscription fee. Clients will be invited to contribute ideas, or can 'jump the dev queue' with bespoke features for their LOOP site if needed.

"We love working with new attractions, but they have a lot to do in the current climate. Customers will need more convincing to spend their money, so having a website that delights your guests and makes things simple is key."

Peter Oliver - Commercial Director at Semantic

Find out more

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80+ mobile pagespeed scores and Google Analytics 4 built in.
SECURE & Always Up-to-Date
Built on leading cloud hosting and the secure Umbraco CMS, plus we take care of ongoing updates, patches and security.
Put your budget towards growing visitor numbers rather than big development projects, there's no need to re-invent the wheel with LOOP.